Grayslake Business Breakfast Group

Quality Local Businesses You Can Trust

A new business guest may be invited to attend up to two GBBG meetings.

All applicants must be in business for at least one year.

New member applicants need to attend two meeting as part of the application process. The new applicant will fill-out an Application, which will be given to the membership committee chairperson. The chairperson will send an email to the entire membership, asking for positive and negative feedback, with one week for the membership to respond. The chairperson will gather the responses and forward a summary email to each of the membership committee members. The membership committee will meet after the next regular meeting to approve or deny membership to the applicants. Applicants with two or more negative feedbacks will be denied membership. The membership committee chairperson will contact all of the applicants with the membership committee's decision.

Jim Marshall - Meeting Facilitator
John Warchol - Treasurer
Eileen Klausner - Events

Bruce Frentz
Eileen Klausner
Dave Kunz
Angie Landmesser